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Ordering Guide

Gene Synthesis Online Ordering Walk-Through


1.  Login to your account on

2.  Click the order genes button.  

  • Hover over 'Order Now' located at the header of the website and click on 'Gene Synthesis' (located under Genes section).


3.  On the following page, click “Order Genes”.

Please note the process of getting a quote is very much like placing an order, except that instead hitting checkout in the order summary, hit the 'Quote' button to get your quote.

4.  The Gene Ordering Wizard will open.

  1. Enter your Gene Name.
  2. Enter your 5’ and 3’ Restriction sites into the boxes provided.
  3. Enter your DNA sequence.

(Optional) If you would like codon optimization, select the organism from the dropdown menu.

GSY Order 3

(Optional) If you would like to optimize your amino acid sequence:

  • Select the radio button for “Amino Acid” next to the Sequence Type field.
  • Additional options will be shown including motifs to avoid.
  • Enter any restriction sites you wish to be avoided in your DNA sequence.

GSY Order 4
Note: the 5’ and 3’ un-translated regions will also not be altered with optimization.


5.  Once you have specified your options, click “Continue.”

Our GENEius software will analyze and optimize your gene based on your inputs:

  • Codons in Green have been optimized by our software. Click “Continue” again and the software will analyze your sequence for potentially complex regions.
  • Once analyzed, the final sequence for review will be shown, along with the translated amino acid sequence (if the sequence begins in-frame.)

GSY Order 6


6.  Vectors & Preps

  • By default we will supply your insert in a standard cloning vector. If you want your gene inserted in a custom vector, please provide the details of the vector by communication with out customer service respresentation. Please note that this can increase the turn around time and additional charges might apply.
  • In the next panel, you can select the size of the DNA preps and if the prep should be endotoxin free. The price of these additional services are dependent on the size of the gene. The free mini-prep is offered in the default version.

GSY Order 8


7. View Cart

  • Next, you will view the cart, at which point you can add more genes, delete your genes, or make notes. Click continue if you wish to exit the ordering wizard and checkout or receive a quote.

GSY Order 9


8.  Checkout & Quote Process

  • To checkout, follow the online screens to enter your address and payment information.
  • To request a quote, click on the “Quote” button in blue (next to the checkout button at the footer of the order page).

If you need any additional assistance, please contact us:Eurofins Genomics LLC, Phone: 1-800-688-2248; E-mail:; 12701, Plantside Drive, Louisville, KY 40299.

GeneStrands Order / Quote

To order GeneStrands gene fragments simply enter the sequence of one of the strands of DNA in the GeneStrands order editor. Before being added to the cart each GeneStrand is evaluated by GENEius, a software that determines if the sequence of the dsDNA allows for standard assembly. Please note that we currently do not offer the assembly of complex GeneStrands.


1. Login to your account.

2. Go through the normal GeneStrand ordering and add the GeneStrand to the cart. Hit the 'Quote' button (do not hit 'Checkout') to request a quote. You will not be asked for payment details while requesting a quote.

  • Set up a Eurofins Genomics account
  • Log into your account
  • Click on Order Genes
  • Enter your gene information in the ordering wizard:

    • Gene Name
    • Sequence Type
    • Optimization Species*
    • Restriction Sites
    • Untranslated Regions (UTRs)*
    • Sequence to Be Optimized
    • Motifs to Avoid*
  • Click Continue to allow GENEius to optimize your gene's sequence
  • Review the results of the optimization process and the amino acid sequence
  • Select a vector
  • Choose a preparation scale
  • Click continue to add your gene to your Shopping Cart

*These are optional.