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Extreme Performance

Perfect for Genes, CRISPRs & More

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Extreme Length

Up to 200 bases

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Extreme Quality

Lowest Error Rate in the Industry

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60-200 mer

45-200 mer








≤ 0.1, typically in the 0.050% - 0.066% range,
or 1/1500 – 1/2000

≥ 0.1% - typically in the 0.100% – 0.125% range,
or 1/800 – 1/1000


Tubes and Plates

Tubes and Plates


4 nmol

4 nmol (most cases)

*More information available on the EXTREmer details page.

*Requires sophisticated downstream process and QC process. Delivery time varies based on order and downstream process.


Outstanding Performance / Outstanding Oligos

Extremer Gene Clone

Synthetic Biology, Genes & Cloning

Use these long oligonucleotides synthesized using high-fidelity chemistry in highly demanding applications such as cloning (subcloning, site-directed mutagenesis), as a template for in vitro transcription, as a capture probe, as control standard in qPCR experiments, in DNA-directed RNA interference, and in other molecular biology experiments that require long oligonucleotides.

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Lowest Error Rate

Based on a comparison study, EXTREmers error rates typically fall between 0.09 - 0.03%.  In most cases, the error rate is typically around 0.05%.  Use these EXTREmers with confidence in your synthetic biology applications.


Number of Good Clones

In one representative comparison study of 112 clones, the number of good clones were as high as 71% (79 of 112) for Eurofins, compared to 14% (16 of 112) for the competitor's product.

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These long oligonucleotides are synthesized by newly developed high-throughput oligo synthesizer that ensures that each coupling reaction achieves ≥99.5% coupling efficiency. The highly efficient reagent delivery systems and mild post-synthesis clean up processes ensure that the synthesis oligos have the highest population of full length oligonucleotides. Our initial experiments have shown that these oligos, when evaluated in cloning applications, offer a higher probability of success than  those offered by other comparative products. The coupling of these long EXTREmer Oligonucleotides with out sequence optimization software tool GENEiusTM allows us to offer 'standard' genes with features that might make their assembly 'Complex' for other suppliers. Order these EXTREmer oligo nucleotides in tubes or plates to use them in your custom applications or have your genes/GeneStrands assembled using these EXTREmer oligonucleotides. 

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