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Scientists love the convenience and practical value of SimpleSeq kit, but usually have leftover tubes after having exhausted all 96 reactions in the kit. The only solution was to call our customer support specialists and “reactivate” those tube barcodes, which was time consuming. FlexReads solves this conundrum and makes SimpleSeq even more convenient and easy to use.


What are FlexReads?
FlexReads are virtual reactions that are used when the number of reactions submitted exceed the number of reactions available in your kit. They can be used with any SimpleSeq kit in your account.  You must pay for these FlexReads as you use them. Unlike the first 96 reactions, FlexReads are not bound to or associated with a particular SimpleSeq Kit. They can be pre-purchased at any time, even while submitting an order. 

If you pre-purchased FlexReads to be prepared, then the order will pull from these existing FlexReads as needed.  If not, the system will automatically add the exact number of FlexReads that you need to the cart to complete the order.

New Products


A customer wishes to submit an order of 10 SimpleSeq tubes with 10 reactions.  However, they only have 10 SimpleSeq tubes and 5 reactions left on the kit.  5 FlexReads are added to the cart automatically, or pulled from the account if available, to fill in the difference.

The reason why some SimpleSeq tubes are leftover, after all 96 kit reactions are used, is because some customers submit multiple reactions per tube.  For instance, 48 tubes with 2 reactions each would exhaust a kit, leaving 48 leftover tubes.

What are FlexPacks?
FlexPacks are packages of FlexReads. These virtual reactions can be purchased prior to placing a sequencing order and can be redeemed when you order the sequencing services using barcoded SimpleSeq tubes. The number of purchased FlexPacks will appear on your sequencing dashboard.

How to Order?
The order control for FlexPacks is in the sidebar of this page.  Any prepurchased FlexReads will appear on your sequencing dashboard

When can I use FlexReads?
When you have fewer barcoded SimpleSeq tubes than the number of sequencing reations you require. Each SimpleSeq kit has 96 sequencing reactions. When the tubes are used to submit samples for use in >96 sequencing reactions, the additional reactions can be paid for using FlexReads. Assume that you have already used up 92 reactions and now have only 4 barcoded tubes left from a SimpleSeq kit. When you submit 4 samples in these 4 tubes for 8 (i.e., 4 more than 96) sequencing reactions, the 4 additional reactions will appear as FlexReads in your cart and on your order summary.  

If I can use FlexReads to pay for the excess reactions without any 'activation', why do I need FlexPacks?
The presence of FlexPacks in the sequencing dashboard will allow you or a member of your team to checkout orders without having to make a payment. As long as there are sufficient redeemable FlexReads, you can order sequencing services without having to make any payment for the same. Such an arrangement allows you handle your budget more efficiently.

FlexPacks Make SimpleSeq Even Easier

Features of FlexPacks Details
Type of service Redeemable virtual reactions
Sizes 12, 24, 48, & 96 reactions/pack
Usage Context With any standard SimpleSeq kit
Expiry Indefinite