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Crop and seed innovations empowered by genomics

Every season farmers make decisions to which seeds and crop protection technologies they invest in. We want to be your first choice service provider. We offer first-in-class global genomics support to the crop industry and plant-related research.

Development of innovative crops for food, biofuel or renewables demands understanding and managing of the genetics in plants, pathogens and synergistic organisms. When you are looking for the leading independent genomics provider with global presence you will quickly identify Eurofins. We support you with a modular selection or integrated solution depending on your project requirements:

Our services comprise different regulatory levels include ISO, GMP, FDA, GLP, CLIA, and CAP requirements.

Are you...

  • A global plant breeding corporation looking for an outsourcing partner with laboratory presence in 35 countries?
  • A small to medium size seed development company who is planning to increase the use of genomics and need a full service provider for their crop and vegetable projects?
  • Working on plant pathogen and pesticide solutions?
  • A plant research institution who wants to focus on your research goals?

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