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1. Standard Vectors

Eurofins Genomics and Blue Heron Biotech offer free subcloning for genes cloned into our standard cloning vectors.

Eurofins Genomics

Our standard vectors have been modified to minimize redundant restriction sites in order to facilitate downstream applications. Vector selection is performed by our team of specialists, and is dictated by the size of the insert and the complexity of the synthesis approach adopted.

Vectors Size (kb) Antibiotic resistance Primers for seq. Sequence Map No Cut Sites
pCR2.1 TOPO 3.9 Amp/Kan T7 / M13 Sequence Map List
pEX-A2 2.4 Amp pEX-for / pEX-Rev Sequence Map List

For a full listing of the standard cloning vectors we offer please contact our technical support team at

Blue Heron Biotech

Vectors Size(bp) Antibiotic Resistance Multiple Cloning Site Sequence Map Copy in E. Coli
Blue Heron pUCAmp 3171 Ampicillin Yes Sequence Map High
Blue Heron pUCKan 3150 Kanamycin Yes Sequence Map High
Blue Heron pUCAmpMinusMCS 3284 Ampicillin No Sequence Map High
Blue Heron pUCkanMinusMCS 3305 Kanamycin No Sequence Map High
pBR322 4369 Ampicillin Yes Sequence Map Low
pBR322MinusMCS 4441 Ampicillin No Sequence Map Low

2. Custom Vectors

We also offers subcloning services into any cloning or expression vector of your choosing. Simply send us the vector into which you want us to subclone your insert or give us the name of the vendor and catalogue number and we will purchase the vector on your behalf for subcloning. Please contact our technical support team for more information on our custom subcloning services.

When sending a vector for subcloning, please provide at least 3 µg of vector DNA, lyophilized or in solution (conc.: ~200ng/µl). Use a padded envelope and state the order number clearly, and mail your vector and a copy of your quotation or order confirmation to:

Eurofins Genomics
Attn: Gene Synthesis Laboratory
12701 Plantside Drive,
Louisville, KY 40299

Please include the following information with the submission:

  • Map of the plasmid
  • Detailed description of the plasmid (incl. info about sequencing primers)
  • Complete DNA sequence in text format
  • If it is an unmodified commercially available plasmid: supplier and info if it is the original plasmid
  • If it is a modified plasmid: detailed description of the modifications (incl. ab1 files and gel picture)

3. Expression Vectors

Our partner company, Blue Heron Biotech, is pleased to clone into any expression vectors selected by our customers. Setup of custom vectors is simple and easy on our secure website. We also offer OriGene’s PrecisionShuttle™ system for easy subcloning into a large selection of proven destination vectors for a variety of downstream applications. When ordering in Origene expression vectors, customers pay only the cloning and synthesis fee. This eliminates the need to purchase and provide your own vector. Destination vector choices include:

  • Epitope tags (MYC, DDK, etc.) for protein purification detection
  • Fluorescent tags (GFP, RFP, YFP, etc.) for protein visualization
  • Various drug markers (neomycin, puromycin, etc.) for stable cell line establishment
  • E. coli expression vectors
  • Custom requests

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