Tube Sequencing

Standard DNA Sequencing Services

97.3% success rate across all applications

Let Eurofins Genomics take over your daily DNA sequencing work. Providing a fast and convenient way to sequence plasmids and PCR products, our automated DNA sequencing services are your best choice for fast and reliable DNA sequencing. Our automated services allow rapid processing of for all template types either in tubes or 96-well plates.


“Ordering sequencing reactions through Eurofins is fast and easy.”

-          J. Chalupny, PhD

Barcodes for Unique ID

Eurofins Genomics provides bar-code labels for use with templates and primers that are submitted for DNA sequencing services. By using bar-coded labels, you guarantee that each sample and primer submitted to Eurofins Genomics for DNA sequencing has a unique identifier that is tracked throughout our automated system.


  • Overnight results (after receiving sample)
  • Available for samples submitted in tubes
  • Bar-coded labels available for unique identification of templates and primers
  • Specific primers can be requested or enclosed
  • Over 80 free standard primers available
  • Template and primer may be sent premixed
  • Accuracy of data is greater than 99% (Q20 or better)
  • Prepayment option with the EVOcard

Adhere to sample submission guidelines to ensure that you receive the best sequence data with the shortest turnaround time.

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