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Order by 5pm EST and receive your oligos the next day.

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No Extra Fee

Express synthesis at no additional cost....what a brilliant idea!


Improved Quality

The quality on these oligos is out of this world.

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Express Service / for the Regular Oligos


Free Express Synthesis

You do not have to choose between speed and price. Order oligos on and receive it the next day when you choose overnight shipping during checkout. Speedit is in our DNA.


Later Cut-Off Time

You work hard! Your research is valuable! Let us help you keep the pace of your research. An oligo order cut-off time later in the day—5:00 pm EST—allows you to put the extra hour(s) to good use!



MUST LOGIN; Length: 15–40 nts; Synthesis scale: 10 nmol only; Purification: Salt-free; Normalization: Dry only; Bases: Standard bases (A, C, G, and T) only; Delivery Format: Dry, in tubes; Quantity: 1.5 to 2 OD (enough for over 200 PCR reactions). Maximum of 25 Express Oligos per order. Any orders exceeding 25 Express Oligos will be processed as standard oligos without the express delivery.

How to Order / Express Oligos

The process for ordering Express Oligos has changed!

You no longer need to visit a separate order page to purchase Express Oligos. Go to the normal custom DNA tube order page and submit your order. If the order meets the express conditions, you will see a green message underneath the oligo name field, showing your express delivery date.

At Eurofins Genomics, we recognize that a delay in the delivery of critical reagents can bring your research to a grinding halt. If you run 30 PCR reactions a year, each requiring a set of customized primers that are delivered to you the second day after you place the order, your research slows down by 30 days (unless, you pay extra for expediting synthesis and shipping for each order). That is why we have optimized our oligo synthesis operations and partnered with UPS to deliver routine PCR primers to you at the earliest. Order your primer by as late as 5 pm (EST) to have it delivered to you next day without the added costs for expedited shipping or prioritizing synthesis!!! We recognize that your research is valuable and we want to help it progress without missing a beat or you having to pay more for the faster delivery of an oligo.

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