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New Technology

Order by 5pm EST and receive your oligos the next day.

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Fastest Speed

Order by 5pm EST and receive your oligos the next day. What a brilliant idea.

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No Fee

Unlike other supplies, there is no premium fee on express service and speed never sacrifices quality.

Latest Cut-off Time / Check Your Region


Only for a limited time, June - August, ALL Express Oligo orders will get free shipping. Read details.


Incredible Technology Leads to Incredible Oligos

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How to Order / Express Oligos

Free Shipping Details

  • MUST LOGIN FIRST before going to the order page.
  • LIMITED time only. The promotion will run from June - August.
  • US customers only.  Details are below.
  • Must meet all Express Oligo requirements (below).
  • Cannot be combined with other items, such as standard oligos.

Requirements for Express Oligos

  • MUST LOGIN FIRST before visiting the order page. 
  • US customers only.  Unfortunately, international packages are stopped by customs for a brief time, so we cannot guarantee express shipping outside the US.
  • Oligo Requirements: Length: 5–40 nts; Synthesis scale: 10 nmol only; Purification: Salt-free; Normalization: Dry only; Bases: Standard bases (A, C, G, and T) only; Delivery Format: Dry, in tubes; Quantity: 1.5 to 2 OD (enough for over 200 PCR reactions). Maximum of 25 Express Oligos per order. Any orders exceeding 25 Express Oligos will be processed as standard.
  • Limitations: Mon-Fri only, cut-off time is 5:00 pm ET.  Friday orders will be delivered Monday, not over the weekend.  Express Oligo ordering is not available on Saturday or Sunday.


You no longer need to visit a separate order page to purchase Express Oligos. Go to the normal custom DNA tube order page and submit your order. If the order meets the express conditions, you will see a green message underneath the oligo name field, showing your express delivery date.

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