DNA Sequencer Trade-In Program

Free up valuable bench space and get a great deal by outsourcing your DNA sequencing!

With over a decade of experience and thousands of successful projects, Eurofins Genomics proudly offers outsourcing of DNA sequencing services that you can rely on. We use the proven technology of Geospiza GeneSifter® Lab Edition software to enable automated tracking of sample barcodes and secure access to your results through our web interface

Now, you can trade-in your old DNA sequencer for SimpleSeq™ DNA sequencing Kits. Each SimpleSeq kit contains 96 DNA sequencing reactions and 96 barcode-label sample tubes. Just fill the tubes with your template, fill out the online reaction submission form, and send your samples to Eurofins Genomics by overnight carrier to get results within 24 hours of your sample arriving at our facility.

You can even enclose your own primers using 1.7 mL microfuge tubes and the provided Primer Tube Labels. Everything is tracked through our automated system using Geospiza workflow software to ensure the quality and accuracy of your results.

Instruments accepted for trade-in include, but are not limited to: ABI 310, Beckman CEQ 8000XL, ABI 3700, and even the ABI 3730xl.


I'm Interested!

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