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A blanket purchase order, or blanket PO, is a purchase order for a bulk amount of funds that can be shared between multiple researchers. Traditionally, every purchase required a separate PO.  However, many organizations found this process to be inefficient due to the time investment, limitations, and other general changes in the way research is conducted. For these reasons, blanket POs have grown in popularity because of its flexibility and practicality. Many researchers working on a project together can share funds from a blanket PO. Furthermore, they can request one blanket PO for the entire project and/or supplier, instead of halting the progress of science in order to request a single PO for every purchase.  

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What is a purchase order?

Purchase Orders (PO) are an official commitment from one company to pay another company, usually a supplier.  It is one of the most common forms of payment in the life science industry and academia.  Researchers fill out a form requesting funds to purchase an item or service, and must get approval for those funds from a purchasing manager or other source.  Once the PO is approved, it is sent to the supplier as an official commit to pay for said goods. After the goods are purchased and invoice is received, the company pays the supplier usually by check.