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Eurofins Genomics offers flexibility in eProcurement System integration designed to help you simplify and manage the procurement of genomics services, including:

  • Custom DNA synthesis
  • DNA sequencing
  • siRNA synthesis
  • Gene synthesis

We offer several options to make eProcurement simpler:


EVOcard can help you manage independent purchasing of genomic services without using P-Cards. EVOcard offers:

  • Pre-payment for all of our products and services
  • Refill by purchase order
  • Full transaction history

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Customized Template

By using a customized template to access, you can easily manage the purchasing of our products and services with full access to individual account histories. You can set up a "Super Bill To" for invoicing to ensure full manageability of your institution's genomic services purchases.


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eProcurement Integration

If you already use an eProcurement system, we can create a custom punchout tailored to your needs. We have already integrated with many systems, including:

  • Ariba
  • SciQuest
  • SAP
  • Intramalls
  • Coupa
  • Government Scientific Source

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DNA Sequencing for eProcurement Systems

SimpleSeq DNA sequencing kits provide a single SKU solution to DNA sequencing services ordering. Simply add the SKU for SimpleSeq DNA sequencing kits to your storefront to allow your customers easy access to high quality DNA sequencing service.

Sample submission is performed independent of the procurement process in an invoice-free environment.

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Genomics Services Partners

Eurofins Genomics also partners with core labs and store rooms to provide full-service custom oligo synthesis and DNA sequencing.

By partnering with Eurofins Genomics, core labs can free up valuable resources and still maintain a steady flow of income.

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