Custom Template Portal

Important Changes to Custom Templates!

Moving forward, you must use the direct URL to reach your custom template portal. It is no longer possible to go directly to to login.  Your custom template URL was provided when the portal was set-up. Directions are below.

All custom template URLs use the same file path and end with your organization’s name, such as

For example, if you work at "BioBest" then your custom template URL is most likely

Previous Process New Process
  1. Go to Alternatively, you can go to your unique custom portal URL directly as well
  2. Login
  3. Account automatically redirected to custom template website
  1. Go to your unique custom portal URL directly. is no longer accessible
  2. Login
  3. NOTE: will not automatically redirect you to the custom portal site



What are custom template portals?

Custom templates are a special portal website with restricted options for billing and ordering. It is in-between a full B2B portal and the normal B2C website.

Custom templates are only created under special circumstances to meet special needs. For instance, an organization may wish to restrict their employees’ ordering capabilities to oligos only and block other products and services. In another case, an organization may have a centralized purchasing department that must receive all invoices, instead of the end user. In this scenario, all users would order through a custom template but all invoices would be sent to one source.

If I login on, will I be redirected to my custom template like before?

Unfortunately, no, it will not automatically redirect to your custom template site. The only way to reach the site is by using your unique custom template link. Afterwards, you can bookmark the page so it is easy to return to later.

Why can I not go to's home page to login? was retired after the recent sequencing upgrade on Visiting's home page will automatically redirect to the home page on However, your direct custom template URL is still active on, even if the home page is inaccessible.

I followed the directions but still cannot reach my custom template portal, what do I do? 

If you cannot find the direct URL, please contact us for assistance.

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