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Sample Preparation

Get the groundwork done professionally

Our Eurofins DNA Campus brings together outstanding expertise and state-of-the-art technology from all areas related to DNA applications, testing, analysis and research.

Whether you are interested in sequencing, a standard E.coli genome, a new species or difficult starting material, we have experts and experience to get the job done.

Our applied genetics department is renowned for DNA preparation of all kinds of material, from food to animals and to forensic samples. If you work with extremely difficult samples, we have the expertise to help you to achieve optimum results.


Special skills in extracting DNA from different tissues and materials.

Before an analysis can occur, DNA or RNA extraction has to take place. Our precise sample preparation services are based on outstanding experience in forensic DNA trace analysis and originate out of our applied genetics department.

Whether analysing single trace samples or thousands of blood or tissue samples, our know-how in DNA preparation sets us apart.

Automated platforms and pipetting robots facilitate the high-throughput analysis and maintain consistent quality and standards, according to a certified quality management system.

How to combine this expertise with NGS projects?

Receive DNA extraction and NGS expertise from one professional service partner - Eurofins MWG Operon. Several successfully accomplished projects based on difficult samples clearly show the wide variety of possibilities, like

  • Processing of >900 fish samples for marker detection
  • DNA preparation from human stool samples for amplicon sequencing

Without professional preparation the quality and quantity of RNA or DNA might not fulfill the minimum requirements for NGS. In case of projects with a huge number of samples our automated systems will save you time and money..

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