384 Well Plate Submission Form




  1. Download Form
  2. Fill out form
  3. Email form to genomicssupport@eurofins.com




  • Limit sequence name to 20 characters.
  • Limit plate name to 29 characters.
  • No commas, periods, apostrophes, or blank spaces in sequence or plate name.
  • Modifications: 5'only, limited. Please visit our website or call us for more information on available modifications.
  • "Wobble" Code: Please use the standard code letters for specifying a Wobble degenerated base: R = A/G, Y = C/T, M = A/C, K = G/T, S = C/G, W = A/T, B = C/G/T, D = A/G/T, H = A/C/T, V = A/C/G, N = A/C/G/T
  • Product cannot ship wet over weekends or holidays.
  • Volume may be limited by plate type, scale, or concentration, inquire.
  • Yield may be limited by scale or plate volume, inquire.
  • Use a unique plate name for each plate of 384 oligos.
  • For Dry Normalization, enter data in pmoles per Well (100 to 2000 pmol, 100 pmol increments).
  • 384 well, Genetix7020 (STANDARD)