Limited Functionality

The website is almost fully restored. All products and services can be ordered as normal. Only a few limitations remain.


  • Sequencing results are going out by email, instead of posting to the order history webpage.
  • The order history webpage contains documents for most past orders. However, recent orders will not have documents to download yet.
  • The group tool is currently down.
  • Limited functionality on the design tools.
  • Most custom pricing is correct but a small percentage of customers may see outdated pricing. Please submit the order even if the pricing is incorrect and we will manually correct this on the invoice.

Please note that there have been no changes to our banking or payment information, and no changes to accounts.

More Information

Eurofins Scientific has detected a cyber attack and shut down multiple servers as a preventative action. Online functionality will be limited during this period. At this time, there is no evidence of unauthorized transfer or misuse of data. These actions are being taken as a precautionary measure to protect your data and ensure system stability. Unfortunately, the tradeoff is limited front-end ordering capabilities.  Eurofins Genomics apologizes for the temporary disruption. Eurofins IT is working hard to reinstate operations as quickly as possible. We will communicate any updates on the situation through the website and by email.