Coronavirus Kits

Eurofins Genomics provides an array of products to support the research and containment of COVID19, including qPCR probes, primers, and plasmid controls.


Custom Probes and Genes

The CDC publicly provided the sequences for their test kit here and instructions on how to create the panel. Customers can order both the primers and qPCR probes from Eurofins Genomics. These sequences are for research use only. The probes can be ordered either using qPCR Probe order page or the custom DNA oligo tube order page (links below). Researchers can order these primers and probes to create a panel in their lab. Eurofins Genomics does not claim that these materials are endorsed or validated by the CDC, nor does Eurofins Genomics make any claims to the performance or accuracy of the CDC sequences. 

Also, many commercial companies are producing their own assays, which also contain qPCR Probes and Primers. These materials can be ordered from the links below.


Product Order

Custom Primers
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Probes & Primers

Custom DNA plate order page

Genes &
Gene Fragments

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Gene Fragments


Plasmid Controls


Control plasmids contain a portion of the nCoV nucleocapsid gene and are used in conjunction with the qPCR probe assay to target regions of the control plasmid for verification purposes.


Product Order

Covid-19(SARS-CoV-2) (N) gene
1260bp, 5 ug

Corona virus nucleocapsid phosphoprotein (N) gene in puc vector

828bp, 5ug

Corona virus ORF3A gene in puc vector




  • These sequences are for research use only.  It has not been tested or approved for clinical use.
  • These materials are impacted by the accuracy of the publicly shared SARS-CoV-2 genome sequences from the CDC. Eurofins Genomics is not responsible for issues pertaining to sequence design or accuracy of sequence design.
  • Eurofins Genomics makes no claims on the performance of these sequences. The sequences and all instructional information have been taken from the CDC’s publicly shared documents and produced to the highest quality standards.
  • These materials can be impacted by many variables and uncontrolled processes, including factors pertaining to the customer’s lab and data analysis.
  • Due to the urgency of this crisis, this product lacks the usual set of compliance specifications such as stability tests, shelf life studies, storage conditions, and other data.
  • Eurofins Genomics is not, and does not claim to be, a primary, preferred or recommended source of the CDC coronavirus primer-probe panel. Eurofins Genomics is independently offering the sequences that were published by the CDC for use in coronavirus detection. These materials are for research use only. They have not been designed, tested, validated by CDC, nor are they in any way endorsed by the CDC or any other public health agency.




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