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Industrial Biotechnology - nature's resources empowered by genomics

Understanding living systems, organism and making industrial use of that knowledge - Is that your area of work?

Then let us help to speed up your projects.

  • We can offer you your individual genomics solution from our industry leading service portfolio, for example:DNA & RNA extraction services from all your materials, in all qualities and for all subsequent purposes below.
  • Basic genomic, metagenomic and genetic characterisation of your procaryontic and eucaryontic organisms used for production of biopharmaceuticals, antibodies, enzymes, vitamins, fine chemicals and bio-fuel, biomaterials or for biodegradation: Visit our arrays, genome sequencing and transcriptomics portfolio sections. Applies also to cell- tissue and organismic test and diagnostic systems.
  • Specification of your procaryontic and eucaryontic production organisms for quality control.
  • Characterization of genetic variability in product strains, breeds varieties in bacteria, cell lines, fungi, animals, plants and algae. For optimization by breeding, by selection or by targeted genetic modification
  • Residual host cell and pathogen DNA & RNA analysis down to trace amounts. For optimization of production and downstream processing. To meet regulatory and QA based thresholds.
  • Design and production of synthetic genes or gene evolution libraries for targeted modification of your organism or artificial biological system. Including mutagenesis and cloning service.
  • GMO and genetic insert characterization.
  • Assay design and validation, including qPCR assays and for your array applications.

With Eurofins you have 17,000 staff in more than 200 laboratories across 36 countries ready to build an expert team to support your projects.

Biotechnology - We serve all flavors

Whatever you call biotechnology, we deliver genomics services and tailored solutions to you!

The purpose of biotechnology is making use of living systems and organisms to develop or make useful products, or "any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use" (UN Convention on Biological Diversity, Art. 2).

In particular, the following biotechnology fields can be defined according to a color code:

  • Red Biotechnology - drug development, diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals, antibodies, cell based systems, bioprocessing, genetic variation, (pre-)clinical studies. See also our Pharma & Diagnostics section.
  • White Biotechnology - enzyme, plant and microorganism based production of , pharmaceuticals, food ingredients such as vitamines or amino acids, bio-materials, biofuel and biomass, (fine) chemicals and enzymes for biodegradation
  • Green biotechnology - new plant and animal varieties for agriculture and bioproduction, biofertilizers and biopesticides, in vitro cultivation
  • Grey biotechnology - related to the environment, biodiversity measurement and maintenance, population genetics, microorganisms and plants for disposal and degradation of polluting substances
  • Blue biotechnology - use marine organisms (algae, fish etc.) and resources to create products and applications in food, health, treatment, cosmetics

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