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Solutions provided by Eurofins Genomics for NGS workflows

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies are redefining several aspects of genetic research and discovery. The ability to use NGS data for clinical prognosis and diagnosis coupled with the advancements in high-scale computing and bioinformatics is fueling the growth in healthcare R&D. The AgBio, genealogy, and other applied markets are also using the large quantities of sequence data generated by NGS technologies to make advancements towards a healthier and better tomorrow. The fidelity of the NGS technology-generated sequence data to the original is vital to the success of these advancements.

Eurofins Genomics is uniquely positioned to provide several high-quality solutions to ensure that the sequence data generated by NGS technologies is a highly accurate reproduction of the original sequence of the DNA of your sample. Critical to these solutions is the recently developed ‘Continuous Flow Synthesizer’ (CFS) developed by the engineers and scientists at Eurofins Genomics. CFS can synthesize both short and long (upto 200 mers) oligonucleotides at 1–25 nmol synthesis scale (intermediate between novel chip-based and traditional synthesis scales) with high-fidelity and shorter synthesis cycle times. When coupled with experience in post-synthesis workflows gathered over three decades, Eurofins Genomics can customize a workflow for you (or in collaboration with you) to address all your custom NGS requirements.

A few of the services available readily in the current portfolio of custom oligonucleotide synthesis services that can enhance the fidelity of sequence data generated by any NGS platform include:

  • Target Enrichment with Biotin-labeled EXTREmers: EXTREmers are oligos synthesized using high-fidelity chemistry on the CFS machines to ensure that the sequence of delivered custom oligonucleotide is the most faithful representation of the ordered sequence. Biotin-labeling of these EXTREmers at the 5¢-termini makes these oligonucleotides particularly suited for target enrichment in NGS workflows. Furthermore, we can pool several of these biotin-labeled EXTREmers targeting a region or loci of interest to generate a capture panel. The capture panel can be designed to target genes related to a particular disease, e.g., cancer, inherited diseases, etc., or a specific region, e.g., exome, mitochondria, etc.   
  • Mitigating Crosstalk with NGS Grade Service for Adaptors: Besides being synthesized on the CFS machines, these oligos are subjected to an exclusive post-synthesis workflow that reduces cross-contamination with other co-synthesized oligonucleotides. The use of NGS grade service during the synthesis of adaptors can reduce crosstalk in your NGS projects. Furthermore, since the NGS Grade service is also provided for EXTREmers (upto 200 nt long), you can include UMIs (unique molecular Indices) or other additional sequence-based features in your adaptors.
  • Amplicon Sequencing using Oligonucleotide pools synthesized on CFS: Get your oligo pools for the targeted genomic regions from Eurofins Genomics. The benefits of having the oligo pools assembled at Eurofins Genomics are the following:
    1. Confidence in results with Individually QC’ed oligos: the oligos that are included in your pool are synthesized in an array format and individually QC’ed. This ensures that there is a representation of each of every oligo of the designed oligos in the pools. Furthermore, our experts can assemble pools of any size at the desired concentration. Since there are no primer dropouts, you can be confident that all the regions are effectively represented in your targeted amplicon sequencing project.
    2. Reduction in Costs with lower synthesis scales and multiplexing: since oligonucleotides can be synthesized by CFS at lower synthesis scales (1–25 nmol) than that offered by traditional array-based high-throughput synthesizers, these oligos are cheaper. Additional price savings can be realized by including molecular barcodes in these primers to allow for sample multiplexing.

These pools can used for ultra-deep sequencing of PCR products for efficient variant identification and characterization. These pools can be designed to interrogate various genes or regions of the genome; examples of application for these pools include genealogical studies, carrier screening, noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT), etc.  

  • Multiplex Library Prep solutions with Eurofins Genomics Oligonucleotides: Multiple pairs of individually QC’ed, dual-indexed primers with NGS grade service can be annealed and pooled for use in Multiplex Library preparation. This protocol will ensure lower crosstalk between sequence data obtained from different samples.

To avail any of these solution, please contact our customer service agents at Please note, if you see services that are not displayed above, we can work with you for the development of a custom solution.