Tis’ the season of giving!

Every weekday leading up to Christmas, we will pick a prize from an Advent Calendar to give away to one special, sequencing customer. Each daily prize is unique and will only be offered once.  Also, the prizes vary widely—from stocking stuffers and toys for children to prime picks from Santa’s bag—yet most gifts fall under the theme of science. We hope these free stocking stuffers help to spread the holiday spirit! You must have ordered 8-strip sequencing that day to qualify.

How to Win a Prize

  • Order 8-strip sequencing on a weekday to be included in that day’s Advent Calendar prize drawing. The more often you order, the higher the chances of winning a prize.
  • We encourage users to like us on facebook and linkedin in order to share the prize later.


  • Applies to 8-strip sequencing orders.
  • Must place an order that day to be included in the daily raffle.
  • One customer will be selected each weekday leading up to Christmas, following the structure of an Advent Calendar.
  • Every day the prize will be announced on the website.

Advent Calendar Gifts


DNA Helix Building Block Kit for Kids

ScienceWiz DNA

  "Oh, Chemist Tree" holiday t-shirt
  Yoga Mat & Case
  Chemistry Inspired Spice Rack for the Culinary Scientist
  DNA Helix Christmas Ornament
    Women in Science, Illustrated Book
  Adorable Holiday Dog Collar
  Snatoms: Molecular Modeling Kit
  Exercise Bag / Duffel Bag
  The Gene: An Intimate History
    Cookie Mold for Chemists   Dog DNA Testing Kit   23andMe DNA Kit
  Darwin Doll   Coffee Mug Chemistry
    Chemistry Beaker Wine Glass