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Unlike other “next generation” technologies, the quality on our oligos is outstanding.

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on plaThis lower scale platform provides cost advantagestes that we can pass along to our customers.

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Scalable TO LARGE VOL.

The capacity for this technology is almost limitless. Contact us for high volume pricing.

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Outstanding Quality / Across All Metrics


Whether you are looking for purity, coupling efficiency, or a low error-rate for cloning, these small scale oligos perform as good or in most cases better than any other product in the market.

Representative ESI Mass Spectrum and Capillary Electrophoresis data.








Specifications / How to Order

Specification Small Scale Plates
Synthesis Scale 4 nmol
Length 15–60 bases

$0.06/base (list price). *Ask about high-volume, special pricing.

Typical Yield 0.75 - 1 OD*
Format 96-well plates. Minimum of 48 oligos per plate.
Bases allowed A, C, G, and T only. No wobbles.
Modifications None
Purification Salt-free Only
Turn Around Time 5 days for production. Shipping time depends on your selected shipping option.
Plate Types 1.2 mL (deep) 96-well (Abgene), 0.3 mL (shallow) 96-well (Abgene), or 0.5 mL 96-well (Costar) only.
Plate Seal Type Easy Peel Heat Seal only
Normalization Dry or Wet. Concentrations and volume for wet plates: 25 µM x 100 mL for standard, or 10 µM x 250 mL alternate

*This yield guarantee is for a salt-free >20-mer.


How to Order

Orders are placed on the normal Plate Oligo Order Page. The order must meet the restrictions listed in the previous table. Selecting options that are not allowed could delay or negate your order.

If you wish to continue using the email order form, it is available for download here or on the upload forms page.

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