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The Best Sequencing Service just Got Better

There are several new upgrades to the website including a new sequencing ordering platform, new products, and much more.  Afterwards, will no longer be available for submitting orders which is a significant change for certain users.  We understand about the apprehension that comes natural to change, including positive change. The purpose of this page is to make the transition as smooth as possible for our customers. 

Quick Summary

  • The upgrade mainly affects sequencing users.  It will impact all users in smaller ways though, through order history, EVOcards, and more. 
  • will no longer be available for ordering after the upgrade, including the classic order page links for oligos.
  • All of your account data such as primers, kits and other information will be migrated.  If you notice any information missing, please contact
  • The easiest way to find the correct order page is still the “Order Now” menu found in the top right corner of the screen.  This menu is available on every webpage, so you can never get lost.

Questions & Feedback

Download Sequencing Results



New Order Pages

Eurofins Genomics is proud to launch an upgraded ordering platform for sequencing.  Go to the "Order Now" menu at the top to visit these pages. Learn more and access tutorials by clicking the Order Pages tab on this page.


New Home for Everything Sequencing

The new Sequencing Dashboard is your home for tracking and sharing kits, viewing available reactions, and much more. This outstanding addition will greatly enhances your overall sequencing experience. Learn more by clicking the Dashboard tab on this page.

New Products

New Products and Changes

Based on customer feedback, we adjusted our sequencing portfolio and even added new products.  Please skip to the third tab for an overview of the changes.

Groups Main

New Groups

You can now create and manage groups on our website.  Groups allow sharing of sequencing information, EVOcards and more. For more details, visit the groups page.


SimpleSeq is Even Simplier

Kits are now automatically activated and shared, the Sequencing Dashboard provides full tracking and transparency, and FlexReads make it possible to continue using a kit after all reactions are exhausted.  Click here for more information.


Changes to EVOcards

Ordering, refilling and managing EVOcards has been moved to  In addition, you can how share EVOcards using the groups feature.  Visit the EVOcard page.


Launch of MGB-Eclipse Probes

Eurofins Genomics is now licensed under the MGB Eclipse patents for use in human IVD applications. These MGB Probes are not only highly successful in tests, but also priced lower than most competitors.  Visit the probes page.


Upgrade to Order History

Order history has moved to and contains upgraded features for searching and filtering orders.  Visit the page.


This update will conclude a multi-year project for upgrading the overall ordering system and offers users many new features.

Learn About the New Changes

There are walkthrough videos throughout the website to help users understand these changes. A quick overview of where to find these videos is below.

  • SimpleSeq - videos available on this page and the SimpleSeq page.
  • Order Pages - videos available on the Order Pages tab, on this page.
  • Groups - videos available on Groups webpage
  • Sequencing Dashboard - videos available on the Seq Dashboard tab, on this page.
  • EVOcards - videos available on EVOcard webpage
  • Seq Primers - videos available on the Order Pages tab, on this page.

How to Activate and Share SimpleSeq Kits


New Order History Features

There are many more videos found throughout the website. 

New Ordering Platform

NOTE: The classic order pages will no longer be accessible after the new ordering platform goes live.

The new order platform offers all the same functionality as the old system plus many new features. Below is an overview of which order pages will be moved over from

New Order Pages New Features!
  • Ability to add enclosed and custom primers directly from the tube sequencing order page.
  • Ability to easily store and manage your favorite sequencing primers.
  • Ability to share sequencing information with other people through groups.


How to Use the New Tube Sequencing Order Page


How to Add Primers During Tube Submission


How to Enter Primers in the Upload Forms


How to Submit Prepaid Plate PCR


How to Submit Prepaid Plate DNA


Your Home For Sequencing

The sequencing dashboard is one of the most exciting new features. It provides a centralized hub to handle all your sequencing needs. You can check how many reactions are available on the account, share kits with others, and navigate to other important areas such as sequencing results and order pages.

  • Manage
    • Manage reactions, FlexReads, SimpleSeq kits, Prepaid Plate kits, Free Barcodes and more.
  • View
    • The dashboard puts you in control with a full 360 degree view of everything going on with your kits and barcodes. You can view who is using each tube, which primers were used, status changes and more.
  • Share
    • Share kits with other people by using the sharing and assigning controls in the sidebar.

Overview of the Dashboard


Viewing Kits & Plates

Sidebar Controls

A New World of Sequencing to Discover

New Products and Services

  1. EXTREmer Oligos - due to proprietary new technology, Eurofins Genomics now offers incredible oligos up to 200 mer in length. Extremers are available in tubes and plates and have the lowest error rate in the industry. More information.
  2. Prepaid Plates - due to the enormous popularity of SimpleSeq kits, we now offer PrePaid kits. Visit the plate page here.
  3. CLIA & CAP accredited Sequencing - visit the CLIA page for more information.
  4. MGB Probes - visit the probes page for more information.
  5. FlexReads - these are virutal reactions that you can use with SimpleSeq kits.  For more information, visit the FlexRead page or SimpleSeq page.
  6. Portfolio Reduction - in an effort to better serve our customers and focus our lab processes, several products and services will no longer be offered, including TRUEmers, PCR Primers, Scaffolding DNA, QuickLC, BAC Sequencing, Primer Walking, Fragment Analysis, Express Genes, Complex Genes, and a reduction of oligo modifications.

Changes to Existing Products and Services

  1. Sequencing Results
    • Go to your Order History and select your order to download results.  Once you click the order, it will expand and show a download link.
    • To visit the Order History page, click one of the many links located throughout the website, including the header beside your account information, the main menu, and the order now menu. 
  2. Barcodes
    • Please REMOVE the hyphen in your free barcode numbers before entering them online.  In the new system, barcodes can only contain digits.  Any hyphens, spaces, periods or invalid characters will not work.
  3. SimpleSeq
    • Kits no longer "overflow." Meaning, you cannot use reactions from one kit with another kit. This created issues for customers and traceabiilty of tubes. Now once a kit is exhausted, you should switch to the other kit which contains reactions. Of course, you still have the option to continue using the first kit with FlexReads.
    • Kits are automatically activated when shipped. There is no more need to manually activate a kit using the kit barcode.
    • Kits are shareable. Any user that submits a barcode from a kit is automatically shared . Sha Reactions from one kit cannot be used with tubes from another kit.
    • Reactivation has been replaced with a more user-friendly solution: FlexReads.
    • It is possible to assign a kit to another user, which removes the kit from your account and applies a new owner to the kit.
  4. SimpleSeq Webless has been changed to SimpleSeq Premixed.
    • The specifications of the product are unchanged.
    • You can now assign and manually share a SimpleSeq Premixed kit with other users, using the Sequencing Dashboard controls.
  5. ExpressPlates have been changed to ShortSeq Plates. The specifications of the product are unchanged.
  6. Ready-to-Load Plates are now Ready2Load Plates. The specifications of the product are unchanged. However, it has a seperate order page now.