Environmental Initiatives

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Our state-of-the-art manufacturing reagent delivery system and use of alternative solvents reduces chemical and petro chemical consumption while decreasing the risk of hazardous spills.


We co-process our waste chemicals which ensures complete thermal destruction of these chemicals, but also replaces fossil fuels used by our co-processing partners.


Our recycling program utilizes a select vendor to use our waste as power for their cement kilns, which recovers the energy and mineral components in a waste-free process.

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Our carbon footprint has been vastly reduced by use of recycled and recyclable paper, bio-degradable plastics, vegetable based inks, and smartly designed packaging options for our eco-friendly Marketing materials.

We have chosen to reuse the large, bulk chemical containers in our facility. This greatly lowers the amount of glass and other non-reusable matter associated with large scale products within our shipping & receiving departments.

We have commited our office areas to be a recycle-friendly area with plenty of bins and receptacles for papers, plastics, cans, and glass.

We also recycle the shipping boxes and other packaging we receive.